29th August 2016


I have made a quick text guide for how to run Air Hauler 2 (currently early access) with FlyInside and P3Dv3 or FSX together, without having to use networked mode. You can find it here or on the link in the in the right-hand column, under "Guides"


25th August 2016


I've recorded quite a few test flights in P3Dv3 using FlyInside. I'll be editing them over the next few days and will upload them to my YouTube channel. I'll most likely embed them here on the site, too.
They were recorded in the usual, ungainly 923x1080 resolution, so look a bit tall (don't watch them on a TV unless you can change the aspect ratio, or they will appear stretched). I may have found a solution to recording video and taking screenshots at normal HD resolution, though - just need to confirm it works.
Still busy testing for the wiki guide, and that is likely to continue for some time yet.