Flight Sims: Latest

A video demonstrating the kind of flying style necessary to keep yourself and your crew in one piece, when overflying a battlefield in your Mi-8MTV helicopter - especially when on a resupply mission and having to traverse the terrain speedily, but as safely as possible.

Other Sims

Space sims such as Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen, truck sims, military, motor racing and train simulators. All will be found in this section


7 Days To Die, Subnautica, Far Cry, Doom, Quake and Empyrion are likely to be covered, but many more will be tested and recorded right here

Welcome To My New Website - Still Under Construction

This is the new website. It isn't anywhere near ready to go as yet, but I wanted to show how it was coming along. Due to ill health, things are progressing more slowly than I would wish for, but this can't be helped. Some of the coding is a bit baffling for a layman such as I, but I will try and get as many functions working as I can.

A Happy New Year to all